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Jul 16, 1965 (Cancer)
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Aside from what I've already mentioned here on my profile, I'm also very much an enthusiast of the Unexplained/Paranormal, UFOlogy, Dinosaurs, Ancient Cultures/Civilizations, Ancient Architecture, for example: Grecian, Medieval, Romanesque, Gothic and (Victorian, which isn't ancient...but anyways). Creature Legends and Myths/ Mythical Creatures and Characters like, Gargoyles, Grotesques, Gryphons, Dragons, Devils/Demons, Pan, Satyrs, Greenman, North Wind (man/face), Pegasus, Poseidon, Neptune, Kraken, etc., etc... you get the idea.
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Despite being in my forties, I'm very much a kid at heart, I love to laugh and enjoy the simple things in life. I'm a self-taught musician and freelance artist. I began learning how to play the guitar (acoustic & electric) when I was eleven years old, several years after I began learning how to play the bass guitar, drums & percussion and some keyboard/piano. Over the years, I had played in a couple garage rock bands and recorded a demo with one of the bands I was in, played in various churches and also played for small gatherings and one of my goals is to be able to record my own compositions once I aquire the appropriate music work station (recording studio).

Music is one of my strongest loves, if not the strongest, and there's nothing quite like a song that can move you, music is expressive, emotional and is ever flowing. Music is a pillar in the arts.

My first love all started with a pencil and piece of paper at the age of four years old. Inspired by my passion for Marvel/DC comic books and their superhero and villian characters, coupled with my equal love for the Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine and the classic monster/horror, sci-fi and fantasy films, drawing became a steady date, drawing every day. Fast forward to my early teens, I began selling my art to people and businesses and have since aquired quite the resume with such reputable companies to my credit, like Duraflame Inc. and Lyon's restaurant chain. Plus many more local businesses, local music groups and individual customers.

My art has been published, been televised on a local cable program back in the mid-eighties and also hangs on walls in various homes in the USA. 

My medium of choice is prismacolor pencil but will use (and have used) various brands and types of pencils, pens, pen & ink, markers, etc. I've also done holiday window paintings as well. But pencil (and pen) are my preferred medium of choice.

Here's an example of one of my pieces, done with prismacolor pencil.

               "FULL MOON BEWARE"

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